I. General provisions

1. The owner of Guns&Tuxedos online shop (hereinafter: “Shop” or “Website”) and the Administrator of the data gathered from the users while using the services available within the website www.gunsandtuxedos.com is the company GUNS&TUXEDOS SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA UL.MIŃSKA 25C/U-5, 03-808 WARSZAWA, entered into the register of entrepreneurs under the National Court Register (KRS) no. 0000760787, Polish National Business Registry (REGON) no. 381309529, Tax Identification Number (NIP) 1132983000, hereinafter “Owner” or “Administrator”.

2. The owner ensures that:

a) he obeys the law regarding current legal regulations of personal data protection;

b) he undertakes actions aimed at personal data protection of the users visiting the shop (the technical aspect of it), especially due to the fact that the data is stored in secure information centres and the owner makes all the effort to ensure that the equipment used in this process meets all the requirements that data storing devices must meet;

c) he does not disclose, sell or in any other way transfer the visitors’ personal data to unauthorized subjects, and in case any irregularities or threats from unauthorized subjects take place, the owner will make every effort to ensure the safety of the data and to prevent unauthorized subjects from obtaining the data.

3. Using the services of the shop and personal data transfer by the Customers if voluntary.

4. The purpose of gathering data is to ensure the correct functioning of the shop, placing orders and the possibility to receive the Newsletter.

5. Any phrases that are capitalized in the Privacy Policy should be understood in accordance with their definition which can be found in the shop’s Terms & Conditions at [https://gunsandtuxedos.com/en/content/3-terms-and-conditions-of-use].

6. Information included in system logs that result from the general rules of Internet connections might include various types of data, e.g. IP address. The Administrator uses them for technical purposes connected with administering the servers used by the Administrator.

II. Protection of personal data rules

1. The Administrator of the personal data of the Customer (given during the registration process, when ordering the Newsletter, as part of your account or when placing the order) as specified in the Personal Data Protection Act, is the owner of the online shop Guns&Tuxedos, that is the company GUNS&TUXEDOS SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA UL.MIŃSKA 25C/U-5, 03-808 WARSZAWA, entered into the register of entrepreneurs under the National Court Register (KRS) no. 0000760787, Polish National Business Registry (REGON) no. 381309529, Tax Identification Number (NIP) 1132983000

2. Each client has the right to execute their rights resulting from the Personal Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997 (Polish Law Gazette of 2002, no, 101, item 925 with further amendments), especially the right to access their own personal data, the right to demand the personal data to be updated, the right to correct and delete their personal data, as well as the right to disagree in cases specified by the Act.

3. The administrator has notified the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (GIODO) regarding the personal data files for registration.

4. Providing the personal data by the person visiting the online shop takes place when they register as shop’s user, when requesting a Newsletter, when changing the data of the account or upon placing an order.

5. Personal details provided upon registration can be changed by editing personal details of your account. Every Customer can modify or delete their details, by sending the Administrator a suitable request via e-mail to [service@gunsandtuxedos.com].

III. Rules of sending information to Customers

1. The administrator has the right to send the Customers messages regarding using the shop. The scope of messages sent includes especially information regarding the functioning of the shop and the system notifications (technical information connected with the functioning of the website).

2. If the Customers agrees, the Administrator has the right to send the Customer commercial information. Commercial information might cover information regarding the commercial activity conducted by the Administrator or the subjects working with the Administrator. Sending commercial information to the Customers require the Customers to agree to it, in accordance with article 10 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on rendering electronic services (Polish Law Gazette of 2002, no, 144, item 1204, with further ammendments).

3. The Administrator has the right to process the personal details of the Customers, especially the e-mail address provided, for the purposes of the marketing of products and for personal services of the Administrator. The Customer has the right to demand processing their personal details for that purpose (disagreement).

4. If the Customer agrees, their data can be processed for marketing purposes of products or services of the subjects working with the Administrator. The Customer has the right to demand processing their personal details for that purpose by sending their request via e-mail to [service@gunsandtuxedos.com].

IV. Cookies policy

1. Cookies files are small text information that are sent by the server and saved at the Customer’s side (usually on the hard drive). The information stored in them might be needed by the Website in order to adapt to the methods of using the Website by the Customers and in order to gather statistical data regarding the Website, e.g. information on what websites are visited, what elements are downloaded and the data of the Internet service provider domain and the visitor’s country.

2. Cookies are used to obtain statistical data about our website.

3. Cookies files used by the Administrator are not harmful to the computers of the Customers, which is why we advise you to allow Cookies.

4. The website uses the following types of cookies files:

a) session files, which are stored on the computer until the browser is closed,

b) permanent files, which remain on the device for the time specified in the Cookie file parameters or until they are manually deleted in the browser.

5. The website uses the following cookies files:

1. Google Analytics is using 5 Cookies files: _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz, oraz _utmv. It collects information regarding how you browse the website, the popularity of each tab, as well as any data that allows to personalize advertisements, e.g. age, gender or interests of the user. It allows to create interest reports and generate demographic data. These reports, in the form of statistical data, can be made public or disclosed to the company’s business partners.





permanent file

unique domain identification (sometimes known as hash), which (as the name suggests) is unique for every website


permanent file

responsible for storing information regarding a given visit


session file

working with _utmb, its purpose is to establish, whether it is necessary to trace new visit or whether the data should be gathered

as the part of the old visit.


permanent file

includes information on sources of visits


permanent file

appears only if the website tracks non-standard variables

More on the website:


Google Analytics Privacy Policy: http://www.google.pl/intl/pl/analytics/privacyoverview.html

2. Facebook.com Saves when there is interaction with FB social media objects, e.g. by clicking Like button or when logging with Facebook.

3. Technical - PrestaShop-8c6eba4e15b2746387674a1a1de3d758 - Informs, whether the user has seen the information regarding Cookies Policy and prevents it to pop up again.

6. The client has the right to block or delete Cookies files stored on his computer. You can delete them in different manners, depending on your browser type. Information on how to delete Cookies should be in “Help” tab of a given Internet browser. You can use the following scheme:

a) Mozilla Firefox browser: Firefox -> Options -> Options ->Privacy,

b) Internet Explorer browser: Tools -> Internet Options-> Privacy,

c) Google Chrome browser: Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> Content Settings.

7. The Administrator uses also standardized web server log files in order to count the people visiting the Website and to assess its technical capabilities and the possibility to simplify the functioning of the Website.

V. Contact details

1. Every Customer may directly contact the Administrator via e-mail [service@gunsandtuxedos.com] or using telephone number included in the shop’s Terms & Conditions.

2. The Administrator informs that the correspondence with the Customers is stored in order to improve the functioning of the store, make sure the complaint procedures are running correctly, for statistical reasons, as well as to answer Customers’ queries as thoroughly as possible.

3. The Administrator assures that the addresses and the data gathered in the course of the correspondence with the Customers as described in section 1 above will not be used to communicate with the Customers in matters other than for completing and assessing their requests. Any communication regarding other matters can be carried out only if the Customers agrees.

VI. Final provisions

1. The owner of the website reserves the right to introduce changes to the Privacy Policy due to important reasons, that is:

a) changes to the current legal regulations, especially in the matter of personal data protection, telecommunication law, electronic services and regulating consumer rights that might influence the rights and duties of the Owner and the Customers.

b) the development of functionality or shop’s offer, due to Internet technology development

c) the change of the shop’s owner’s details.

2. Each change in the Privacy Policy of the shop will be published on the shop’s Internet website on the date of the policy coming into force at the latest, and all important changes that concern the Customer will be underlined so that the Customer was aware of them.

3. In case of any doubts or inconsistencies between the Privacy Policy and the agreements made by the visitors, regardless of the above decisions, the basis for actions and describing the scope of actions by the Administrator are the agreements made by the Customers. The following document is for information purposes only.

4. This version of Privacy Policy is valid from 01.01.2018