1. Entrepreneur

1.1. The owner and the entity running the online shop registered under the address gunsandtuxedos.com is the company GUNS&TUXEDOS SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA UL.MIŃSKA 25C/U-5, 03-808 WARSZAWA, entered into the register of entrepreneurs under the National Court Register (KRS) no. 0000760787, Polish National Business Registry (REGON) no. 381309529, Tax Identification Number (NIP) 1132983000.

2. Guns&Tuxedos online shop rules and regulations

2.1. Guns&Tuxedos is selling goods via the Internet using an organized online shop. The goods sold are available within Guns&Tuxedos distribution network.

3. Ordering goods

3.1. Orders are placed via a website gunsandtuxedos.com.

3.2. The goods available in the online shop are described in detail. The website provides information regarding the features of the goods, their price, composition, etc.

3.3. When ordering, the Customer selects the product, in a manner that is adequate to a given item, specifying the weight, and, if necessary, providing additional information and the quantity needed.

4. How to buy using the online shop - detailed instruction

4.1. After selecting the goods, you should click on “ADD TO BASKET” icon.

4.2. The selected item will be transferred to a basket that is visible after clicking on the basket icon, found in the bar in the top part of the website. You can view your basket after clicking on the basket icon. This transfers you to a page that has all the items that are in the basket.

4.3. After selecting the option “Proceed to checkout”, you will be transferred to a page where you need to introduce the details necessary for the shipment of your order.

4.4. After logging in, the Customer gains access to additional options, such as order history, the possibility to check the stage of your last order, the option to save shipping addresses, as well as the option to receive notifications on current goods available in the store.

4.5. After selecting the shipment method, you need to select the method of payment.

4.6. The Customer has the possibility to select online payment (using a debit card or a bank transfer using PayPal service) or cash on delivery. After selecting preferred shipment method in case if the Customer selected online payment, also when the payment takes place via PayPal service, the Customer will be redirected to a website, from which they can continue shopping or go to order summary.

Note: In case of selecting online payment as the preferred method of payment (bank transfer or payment using debit card via PayPal system), the payment order should be completed immediately after placing the order. In case of the payment not being received by Guns&Tuxedos or the subjects being intermediaries in this transactions (PayPal service), the order will be considered as placed incorrectly, the agreement will not be legally binding, and the order will not be processed. In such situation, you can place the order again.

4.7. If the selected shipment method must be corrected or changed, you need to click on the selected shipment method.

4.8. On any stage of placing the order, until the payment is made, the order can be cancelled by not proceeding with further steps and by exciting the page that is used for placing the orders. You can do it in multiple ways: e.g. by clicking the return icon or by clicking any site (or product) that is available on the website gunsandtuxedos.com. The unfinished order will not be completed.

4.9. After placing the order, you will receive a confirmation sent to the e-mail address provided when logging on. The content of the e-mail will include a personalized order number. That number allows you to, among others, check the status of your order.

4.10. Guns&Tuxedos may contact the Customer via e-mail or by phone in order to clarify any doubts, confirm placing the order or in other matters that are related to your order.

5. Prices

5.1. All prices quoted on the website are expressed in Euro and are gross (including VAT). Shipment costs should be added to the price. They may vary based on the selected method of delivery and payment type. The prices quoted on the website when placing the order is the final, bounding price. After placing the order, the price of ordered goods will not change, regardless of any price changes, sales or special offers introduced by the company Guns&Tuxedos.

5.2. Guns&Tuxedos reserves the right to change the prices of goods available in the online shop, introduce new products, begin and cancel special offers available in the online shop or change them in accordance with the norms of Polish Civil Code or other Acts.

6. Availability of goods ordered

6.1. All the goods sold in the online shop are available. In special situations, e.g. when many clients simultaneously order the same item, the requested item may be out of stock. In such case, the Customer will be informed that the shop cannot complete the order. In the product card, available to the Customer, there are complete details regarding the sizes - sizes that are out of stock are also on the list, but they are clearly marked, so that they have a different colour than the available items. Items that are out of stock cannot be placed in the basket.

7. Completing order partially

7.1. In case if a certain item is out of stock in the warehouse or the order cannot be completed because of other reasons, the Customer will be informed via e-mail about the problems with completing the order and their possible solutions (e.g. partially completing the order, fully completing the order with a delay in shipment, cancelling the entire order without any negative consequences for the Customer). Partial order cannot be completed, the order is withdrawn without negative consequences for the Customer, and (in case of already having paid for the order) the money is returned. If the Customer wants the order to be completed, the item must be reordered and paid again.

7.2 Return of payments

If it is not possible to complete the order or if the order is cancelled, Guns&Tuxedos has the duty to immediately return the payments made, including shipment costs, to the Customer, no later than 14 days from the day of the withdrawal from the contract.

8. Reception method and processing time

NOTE: deliveries are only done on the territory of Poland.

8.1. In case of cash on delivery option, after its placement, the order is immediately transferred for the accomplishment. In case of online payment - after having received the payment conformation, Guns&Tuxedos (via PayPal). If the selected item is available and there are no other problems that the client must be notified about, the order will be delivered to the selected address within maximum 2 working days from the moment of the recording of payment by the system of Guns&Tuxedos.

NOTE: If you choose as a payment option an online payment (whether a bank transfer or with a payment card), the realization of your order will begin when 100% of the payment for the order has been paid to the shop’s account or the account of intermediaries. That date marks the date you should start counting the delivery time from.

8.2. The delivery of the orders is carried out by a delivery company - the expected time of delivery is one working day from the day the package is sent. The total time to complete your order should not be longer than 2 working days.

9. Methods of payment

9.1. Cash on delivery: the payment takes place when the courier delivers the package, upon receiving it.

9.2. Bank transfer: transfers accepted by Guns&Tuxedos are the so-called fast transfers, made via PayPal service. The feature of fast transfers is that, after selecting this payment type, the Customer is transferred to the website of a chosen bank in order to make the payment.

9.3. Payment card: The Customer has to have a card that allows to make Internet payments (the issuing bank can let you know if the card meets the required conditions). Payment with card is done via PayPal service.

Note! The online shop never sends e-mails notifying its Customers about the change in the bank account and requesting a payment via traditional bank transfer. If the Customer receives such e-mail, you should not make payment to it or answer it. Instead, please send it unaltered to Guns&Tuxedos at service@gunsandtuxedos.com.

10. Sales agreement

10.1. Information found on the shop’s website gunsandtuxedos.com o not constitute a proposal to conclude an Agreement in accordance with the regulations in the Polish Civic Code.

11. Contract delivery date

11.1. Depending on the selected delivery option (cash upon delivery or prepaid), Guns&Tuxedos declares to transfer the goods to the courier within 1 working day from the moment the order was placed or, in case of the goods being out of stock or the shop not being able to complete the order, to notify the client regarding the inability to complete their order or the lack of goods. Work days are counted from Monday to Friday, excluding Sundays and national holidays.

12. Shipping and Handling

Note: Deliveries are only done on the territory of Poland.

12.1. The package with the items ordered will be delivered to the given address using a courier service. A change in the address that was made by the Customer after placing the order may take place upon Customer’s request sent via e-mail to service@gunsandtuxedos.com, including in its title the words: „Change order delivery address XXX”. The seller may not take into consideration the request of the Customer, if the goods have already been shipped at the address provided when placing the order.

12.2. Detailed information regarding the offered delivery methods (how it is carried out by the seller) can be found in the Delivery time and costs tab:  Delivery time and cost. The seller delivers the goods to the Customer using a carrier service.

12.3. The total waiting time for a package (delivery period) consists of the order processing time (when the goods are prepared for dispatch) by the seller and the delivery time by the carrier. The order processing time by the seller is counted from the moment the order is accepted by the seller and confirmed for processing until transferring the package to the carrier, and takes maximum of 5 working days, that is excluding Saturdays and holidays, subject to provisions of section 4 below. The above mentioned time does not include the delivery time by the carrier, which depends on the selected delivery form and is presented every time in the delivery conditions tab [9-delivery-time-and-cost].

12.4. We can wait with sending the goods until we will receive the full payment of the price with the delivery costs (with the exception of choosing pay on delivery option).

12.5. Information regarding the delivery costs are specified in the delivery conditions, found in Delivery time and costs tab  Delivery time and cost, as well as when placing the order.

12.6. The Customer should verify the contents of the package in the presence of the courier as, in case if the package is damaged or the packaging was opened, preparing damage protocol might facilitate and speed up the complaint process.

13. Return of goods - termination of the agreement

13.1. You are entitled withdraw from the contract without giving any reason, within: 14 days from the date of the sale.

13.2. In order to accept the return, before the end of the above mentioned period the Customer has to submit in writing a declaration. This can be done by printing out and filling in a form of withdrawing from an agreement, which can be found on our website. The Customer can proceed after introducing the order number in the correct place on the website and send the items to: Guns&Tuxedos S.A. ul.Winnicka 57, 30-394 Kraków,  with information: „Merchandise return Guns&Tuxedos”.

13.3. The returned goods must be in an unchanged state, that is they have to include the original packaging and never been used.

13.4. The Customer will receive money return for the goods bought and, if the Customer returns all the items of the order, will receive the return of the delivery costs from the shop to the Customer, if the Customer had to pay them and if they were paid upon making the order the clients is returning in its entirety.

14. Complaints

14.1. In case of dermocosmetics, the complaint regarding the nonconformity of goods with the contract can be reviewed by the seller if it was submitted immediately after noticing the nonconformity of goods with the contract, but no later than within 3 days from the completion of the order.

14.2. Every item bought from the online shop Guns&Tuxedos (gunsandtuxedos.com) can be complained about, within the specified dates and in accordance with the complaint conditions, if the item has a physical defect or defect of title (warranty) that create the nonconformity of goods with the contract. Complaints can only be filled via post. You need to explain the reasons for the complaint and provide information necessary to identify your order. In order to file a complaint, you can use the form “Complaint” (available in the online shop, with every order, you can access it after introducing your order number on the website), which can be filled in online or printed out. Next, pay for the shipment and send the package to: Guns&Tuxedos S.A. ul.Winnicka 57, 30-394 Kraków,  with information: „Complain Guns&Tuxedos”.

14.3. In the case of a positive decision regarding the complaint, and if the complaint was lodged via post, Guns&Tuxedos will send the Customer product of full value (repaired or new) within 14 days. If this is not possible (e.g. the product is out of stock), the company will return the costs of the faulty item. In case if Guns&Tuxedos is making return of the value of all the items of the order, the Customer will also receive the return of the delivery costs from the shop to the Customer, if the Customer had to pay them and if they were paid upon making the order the clients is returning in its entirety. In case of a justified complaint, the Customer will also be paid the costs of the delivery back.

14.4. In case of an unjustified complaint, the items will be send back with information regarding the lack of justification for the complaint.

15. Cancelling the order

The Customer has the right to cancel the order within 15 minutes from the moment the order was placed.

- by contacting the Customer Service via contact form available online.

16. Final provisions

An invoice is attached to every purchase. Guns&Tuxedos is not liable for any incorrect personal details of the Customer.

16.1. Personal data processing

The Customer can give consent for their personal data to be processed under the Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997 (Polish Law Gazette of 2002, no. 101, item 926 with further amendments), and the consent is voluntary. However, lack of consent for the personal data to be processed causes the contract not to be fulfilled and thus, the order cannot be completed.

16.2. Personal data processing for marketing purposes

The Customer can give consent for their personal data to be processed under the Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997 (Polish Law Gazette of 2002, no. 101, item 926 with further amendments), and sharing the data with a third party in order to send the Customer advertising materials and information regarding promotional offers carried out by the online shop Guns&Tuxedos.

16.3. The Administrator of personal data

The administrator of the personal data is GUNS&TUXEDOS SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA UL.MIŃSKA 25C/U-5, 03-808 WARSZAWA. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, submitting personal data is voluntary and the Customer has the right to review the data and correct it, alter it or demand the data to be deleted.